Whiteness: The Meaning of a Racial, Social and Legal Construct

When: Thursday, November 16, 2017, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Where: The Jimmy Carter Library, Museum Theatre, 441 Freedom Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30307

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election and bestselling books like Hillbilly Elegy and White Trash, there is a growing realization that whiteness is as much a social racial and political identity as being African, Latinx, Asian or Native American. In partnership with the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, JWJI is pleased to host a panel on the evolution of whiteness in American society. Our esteemed panel brings their interdisciplinary perspective to the panel to explain why race—including whiteness—still matters in America.

The panel will feature:

Richard Delgado Richard Delgado, John J. Sparkman Chair of Law, The University of Alabama School of Law, author of Critical Race Theory
David Ikard David Ikard, Professor of Africana Studies, Vanderbilt University, author of Blinded by the Whites: Why Race Still Matters in the 21st Century
Nancy Isenberg Nancy Isenberg, T. Harry Williams Professor of History, Louisiana State University, author of White Trash
Jane Junn Jane Junn, Professor of Political Science, University of Southern California, author of The Politics of Belonging: Race, Immigration, and Public Politics
David Roediger David Roediger, Foundation Professor of American Studies and History, University of Kansas, author of The Wages of Whiteness