Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are faculty from non-UNCF schools eligible to be considered for this award?

Sadly, no.  Only faculty from UNCF schools may apply for UNCF-Mellon fellowships.

  1. What are the conditions for receiving the UNCF-Mellon fellowship?

UNCF-Mellon fellows must represent the preapproved Mellon humanities fields, as delineated by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  Fellows accepted into the Emory JWJI program must also agree to the additional terms of the Emory fellowship.  Terms include participating in all colloquia, special programming and professional development sessions.  UNCF-Mellon fellows at JWJI are expected to be in residence the entire academic year (Sept. 1 to May 31) and to attend a 3-day orientation in mid-August.

  1. Is there a teaching requirement?

No.  We hope this fellowship provides valuable time to focus on finishing your project!

  1. Are there additional benefits for receiving an award?

UNCF-Mellon fellows at JWJI will also receive funding to assist with travel and research, as well as support to convene a book conference to receive specialized feedback on their projects.

  1. I am a faculty member from a non-UNCF school and have applied for an external foundation fellowship (i.e. Ford, ACLS, AAUW, Fulbright, Guggenheim, etc.). Can I still come to JWJI?

Yes!  We welcome non UNCF-Mellon fellows who provide their own funding from other sources.  Scholars with external funding are welcome to come from any academic discipline or field(not just the humanities fields), so long as their research focuses on questions of race and difference.

If you are applying for outside fellowships and wish to spend your residency at Emory, we would be happy to consider your application.  Fellows with external support must commit to the same participation terms stipulated in Question 2.  They should also reach out to Director Andra Gillespie to receive a formal endorsement request for their external grant application. 

Finally, potential fellows with external support should submit the relevant parts of their grant applications (i.e. a cover letter, research statement and CV) to our application portal.  JWJI seeks to support as many of these applications as possible.  In the event that we receive more applications than we can support, we reserve the right to be selective.